sâmbătă, 12 iulie 2014

Troosby is on Google Play

Troosby just made the big step of moving to Google Play!
Android app on Google Play From now on staying on the latest version of Troosby App will be very easy, managed automatically by Google Play. Troosby helps you to manage your personal finances. You can record all your spendings, incomes, transfers and adjustments. You can analyze statistics of your financial profile, you can access charts from Troosby App or directly from Troosby Website.

Troosby is an Android app which helps you to manage your personal finances. This means that any time you go out for shopping, or when you pay your bills, or buy gas for your car you can now keep track of these spent money.
Tracking applies also to your incomes. Tracking all your money gives you great advantages:
  • you can go back and review on what you spent your money
  • you can see how much you spent from month to month
  • you can determine which of your income sources tends to be more profitable and focus your attention on it
  • you can easily know when there's a difference between the amount of money the bank says you have and the amount of money you should have
  • you can make predictions on when you will have sufficient savings to buy something important for you

There are four types of entries that can be added:
  • Spending - for recording all the money spent
  • Income - for recording all the money you earned
  • Transfer - for recording your transfers from two accounts (e.g. at ATM you transfer money from bank account to cash)
  • Adjustment - for synchronizing Troosby accounts model with the reality
There is much work to be done on Troosby app and your contribution with bug reporting helped us a lot in speeding the project.
Because we are now on Android Play you can get our updates as fast as possible! Your review and rating means a lot to us, so please don't forget to vote Troosby!

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