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Troosby Android App v 0.9.1 was released

Troosby Android App version 0.9.1 was just released. This version brings to the users:
  • a Home screen build for all Android device resolutions
  • small bug fixes
As you know versions 0.9.X will deal with supporting all screen resolutions in Troosby Android App. Once this will be finished we will release Troosby App on Android Market.

Troosby Home screen have now all the buttons changed, with more light so it can be easily seen when you are out in the sun.

The buttons are more responsive and some of the bugs related to the Home screen where fixes so your Troosby experience should be much more enjoyable.

As some of you requested, the text under each button is a little bit bigger so it can be easily seen even on the smallest screen.

The interface is no longer scrollable but it adapts automatically to your screen resolution.

Troosby Home screen has a different layout for the landscape orientation.

This gives to the user an easier and more pleasant access to the main options available in Troosby Home screen.

Currently these two layouts are the same for all screen resolutions but we plan to introduce later different layouts based on your device. 
We did move forward from versions 0.8.X where we introduced a lot of statistics features like the Incomes Evolution chart which will allow you to see how each of your income category evolved.

There are a lot of small, "hidden" features in these charts like clicking on the chart to see the value of a point or hiding or showing some categories with a long click. 

Seeing how the incomes are evolving helps a lot in managing your finances and identifying where your efforts should be concentrated so you can maximize your profits.

Recording your incomes, spendings, transfers and adjustments is extremely easy from Troosby Android App or directly from Troosby Website so keeping your finances under control is close to zero effort.

We are hoping that you will enjoy all of these and please do not hesitate to let us know about any problem you have with Troosby Android App or with Troosby Website.

The next steps for us will be to optimize Login and Registration screens for all device resolutions.

Android Market release is very close!

Have a great day!
Troosby Team

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